Professional Services - Business Analysis

Evil Melon also offers professional business analysis services.

I'm an expert in creating specific business tools in MS Word (document management systems), Excel (like it or hate it it's the number one tool for analysing and sharing business data) and Access (the best database for a small enterprise).

I have 12 years experience in using these applications at an expert level and have worked with some of the biggest and smallest companies in Australia. My experience is in project management, integration with back-office systems (including SAP), forecasting, budget development and adherance.

There are numerous pre-built templates out there that you can use but they are never designed around your specific needs. There is no substitute for a customised solution that is built for you.

I can also do open source versions of any of these solutions including OpenOffice and Google Documents.

For further information on what Evil Melon can do for your business please email Sax Cucvara or call +61 424 622 534.